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Local MP takes ambulance crisis to the Prime Minister

October 16, 2013 5:55 PM
Lorely ambulance ()

STANDING UP FOR SOLIHULL: Lorely is campaigning with support from retired ambulance drivers for a better ambulance service in Solihull

Local Liberal Democrat MP has enlisted the support of the Prime Minister in her campaign for a better ambulance service for Solihull.

Prime Minister David Cameron promised to look into the matter and arrange a meeting between Mrs Burt and health ministers after she raised it with him in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

No two-man ambulances have been permanently based in Solihull since the borough transferred to the new 'Make-Ready' system in September. Since then some patients have faced long waits for ambulances to arrive after suffering serious emergencies.

Mrs Burt said, "I am delighted the Prime Minister is putting his weight behind my campaign for a better ambulance service for people in Solihull.

"The delays some of my constituents have faced under the new system are unacceptable.

"I will always stand up for my constituents. People in Solihull should know that I am taking their concerns to the highest level.

"I look forward to working with health ministers to try to resolve this problem before an unnecessary tragedy takes place."

The full exchange went as follows:

Lorely Burt: Mr Speaker.

In September Solihull's ambulance service moved to a 'Make-Ready' system, in which there are no two-man ambulances permanently based in the borough.

Already several of my constituents have been left waiting for unacceptably long periods for an ambulance to take them to hospital.

Talking to ambulance chiefs is like a dialogue of the deaf.

So would the Prime Minister agree to meet with me to see what can be done, before one of my constituents dies waiting for an ambulance to come?

David Cameron: I share my honorable friend's concern about the importance of response times for ambulances.

I think we then have to task the NHS for how best they meet those targets, because what matters most of all is swift attendance to people who need it.

I'm very happy to arrange a meeting with her and health ministers to look at this.

I know the West Midlands Ambulance Service is looking at the way to improve its ambulance services and clearly she will encourage them to do just that.